Hold'em Strategy - Play Style

Hold'em Strategy - Play Style

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TAG (tight-aggressive) and LAG (loose-aggressive) stories that distinguish player types these days were not a way of distinguishing when I first created my game style. 온라인바둑이 

Of course, it's not always a LAG. Depending on the flow of the tournament, I do TAG and then LAG and keep changing gears, but I think LAG in tournaments and TAG in cash games can do better. In fact, to win a tournament, you have to play more hands than the average player. You have to keep collecting chips, and to do that you have to play more hands. 

When you are in position and playing against weak players, you need to play more aggressively while stealing. But in hyper-turbo tournament games, the LAG style is quite dangerous. It's better to play with TAG in these games. It's hard to do anything after giving them a loose chip or two. 

It's hard for me to say exactly what style someone is. Some inexperienced players will always play in one style, but lately we've come to understand the concept of shifting gears, i.e. changing playstyles. Even the player who made a note of LAG may be playing with TAG on that day. 온라인바둑이 

Therefore, notes are important and it is right to use the information in the notes, but you should not be conceited and vigilant because you have a lot of notes or know the person check here well. You should always play while observing how your opponent is doing at the table that day.

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